Best Ways to Recover Lost Data on a Home Computer

As humans, we tend to make mistakes, and accidental deletion of files can happen. Don’t throw your computer out in frustration. There are techniques you can use to recover lost data from your computer, and you don’t need to be a super genius to make this happen. Don’t let the delete button hold reign over your life.

Recycle Check

Always double-check your computer’s recycle bin/trash. In most cases you will find your file sitting in there waiting to be restored. A simple right click can recover lost data and restore it to its rightful place.

If what you need cannot be found in the recycle bin, then you can search the folder the file was original stored in. Right click the folder and select “Restore previous version.” This may enable you to access the contents of the file from a previous date.

Available space

Don’t fret if these options haven’t worked for you. The missing data is safe and sound somewhere on the hard drive. You can still recover lost data by utilizing the new space in your hard drive. When the file was deleted,your computer marked its space as available for further information.

1The computer will not overwrite the available space unless you save further information. Don’t save anything new until you are able to recover lost data. There are many different programs available online to help you recover lost data from your hard drive. Many of them are even free to download.

Make sure you do not download the software to your existing hard drive! Grab a second computer to download data recovery software. You don’t want to find yourself overwriting your lost data. Connect your drive to the downloaded software using a USB. This will secure your lost data and help restore it.

Create a backup

There are many ways to avoid getting into this kind of situation again and ways to recover lost data more easily next time. The best way to recover lost data is by having your data backed up automatically. Give yourself a digital safeguard against future incidents. Some backups may cost a few pennies, but this is a worthwhile investment. Check through your PC and current software to see if there are any backup options currently available to you.

Now you can take a breath as you can recover lost data from the digital graveyard (you thought) it was sent to. Fixing issues like this is simple to do from home. You just need the right knowledge to help guide you through the restoration process.

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