Rebuilding A Database From Partial Data

Partial backups are comparable to file group backups by which a subsection of the data can be backed up that include a database. Particular files can be backed up by file group backups while a backup copy of the chief file group is possible with partial backups. This is only applicable to databases that comprise of read-only file groups. Otherwise, the similar objects and data in a complete database backup will be captured by a partial backup. For decreasing the backup footprint of huge databases, particle backups were designed. By this, you can backup read-write data and objects in the databases.

Taking professional help

When it comes to the rebuilding of partial data, you must not do the task yourself, as you might know, the correct technique. Instead, you can rely on companies that provide data recovery services. Any object or data warehoused in read-only filegroups cannot be arrested in the backup as mentioned earlier. The data recovery experts of these reliable companies obtain this effect by seizing file backups for every read-write filegroup. Along with fractional backups, the specialists only require to take transaction log backups if it is required for point-in-time recovery and these are perfect for model databases.


  • Firstly a database for partial backup is created by experts along with numerous data files. The primate data file carries the read-write data whereas the read-only data is carried by a filegroup named Archive in a secondary data file. After creating this database, the experts will instantly utilize the simple recovery model.
  • Secondly, the data recovery specialists will set the Archive filegroup to read-only. For this, some tables are created in the filegroup, and one of them is populated with data. These recovery services are offered by these companies at highly competitive prices. Now, rebuilding a database has become much easier with such experienced specialists.
  • After this, an archiving procedure is stimulated by them by copying the data from the table of the main data in the archive data table. By this, the archive filegroup can be set to read-only. Then, the archived data is deleted from the main data, and the succeeding “live” set of data is inserted.
  • As the experts are highly skilled and have undergone extensive training, they make sure that no query window is linked to the database for partial backups database. However, if there is a query window, then the alterations to the secondary group to read only will inevitable fail.

Capturing the backup copy

When the trained and qualified specialists of the firms offering data recovery services take out the preliminary partial backup, they capture a single backup copy of the entire database that includes the read-only data as well. A partial can be taken out before taking a complete database backup. The experts make sure that they have a robust restore point for the record. This is done before the commencing of partial backup routines. These professional teams are highly proficient at performing both partial differential and full backups. Even if you have lost some of your data, you can obtain instant help from these experts.

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